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Creating Art for T-shirts: Common Rookie Mistakes Defined


Because you absolutely needed another list in your life, here’s one that focuses the most prevalent errors inexperienced folks run into when designing art for t-shirts.  Someone has to do the creative work, and if that someone is you – read on!

The formula for success = 50% Shirt Style + 50% Great Design.

Let’s break those numbers down shall we?  Before you even start designing, the first step is to think about the shirt that will be printed.  This is such a crucial choice as the color, texture, thickness, weave, material, dyes and other specifics can directly impact the print production for the shirt.  How well do you know your target demographics for the t-shirt?  Understanding these specifics is probably the single most important factor in choosing the shirt.  Are they teenagers, or middle aged beer-swilling fat guys?  Big difference between them, and the shirts that they would…

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Happy Spring! from Special T Unlimited Screenprinting, Embroidery and Promotional Items

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For over 38 years, we have taken the toughest screen printing jobs. Now we have every tool at our disposal to make some truly unique apparel items for our customers. Custom multi-color t-shirt designs? We can do it. Beautiful multi-color embroideries? We do that too. Need any promotional item with your company’s logo on it? We can print virtually any item you can think of. Our staff has the experience and dedication to make sure they do it right. Call us any time for a quote or stop in any time to talk to our friendly sales staff. No appointment needed. In 5-7 days you can have your hands on the coolest shirt you own!

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